Web disclaimer On ESG & SFDR

In accordance with the European Regulation EU 2019/2088 also known as Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR), which puts in place new transparency obligations in relation to sustainability, Gatsby & White (Liechtenstein) A.G (hereafter G&W A), is publishing the following information:

Statement on integrating sustainability risks into the investment process within insurance products (in accordance with SFDR Article 3)

A “sustainability risk” has been defined as an event or situation in the environmental, social or governance field which, if it occurs, could have a significant negative impact, real or potential, on the value of the investment. These risks might take many forms, such as climate change risks (e.g. prolonged droughts or floods), exploitation of workers, local corruption or fraud risks, etc.

G&W does not act as an asset manager or financial advisor for direct investments within insurance products, hence does not need to define how sustainability risks are integrated into the investment decision-making process. However, G&W has collected all the possible information from the insurance companies with which we collaborate and will continue to obtain information from the external managers and/or designers of the life insurance products that we advise.

 Statement with regard to not taking negative effects on sustainability factors into account (in accordance with SFDR Article 4)

According to SFDR, “sustainability factors” are referring to “environmental, social and employee issues, as well as the respect of human rights and combating corruption and acts of corruption”.

G&W insurance agency activity focuses on the options for offering the insurance product and the financial instruments, defined as the insurance package suitable to their clients, especially in relation to risk profile, investment horizon, but also by considering their sustainability preferences and impact through investments in insurance products.

G&W is not involved in the selection and management of any underlying assets in insurance contracts, yet verifies that the client’s sustainability preferences are aligned with the designation of the proposed sustainability investment strategy in the insurance package.

Considering, that the current legal framework for negative effects on sustainability G&W, at present date, does not  take into account in its insurance advice the main negative effects of investment decisions on sustainability factors.

Our company will adapt this statement whenever changes are made to the legal framework and in the sustainable finance industry, which needs to develop a methodology measuring and analysing the negative effects on sustainability in such a way that is useful to investors.

Statement on the integration of sustainability risks into the remuneration policy (in accordance with Article 5 SFDR)

The insurance agency services of G&WA are fully independent. G&WA does it utmost to protect any interests of its Clients at all times by advising them on solutions meeting their needs and does not promote risk-taking in respect of sustainability. No remuneration of employees of G&WA is linked to the performance of investments within recommended insurance products.